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Dear Registrant: Avon Youth Lacrosse Inc welcomes you to background screening with National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI). Please follow the directions below to start the process.


Simply go to www.ncsisafe.com and click on “Start Your Background Screening Now.”

Complete three easy steps:

Step 1: Enter Self Registration Number: 91877132

Step 2: Enter Your Information as Requested

Step 3: Provide Legal Authorization and Certification

It is important when entering your name, that you use your full legal name as written on your current ID (state driver’s license, passport or state ID with name and DOB). Please also verify that your social security number was typed correctly. Using nicknames or failing to type a correct social security number may delay or invalidate your background check.

All registrants will be required to upload a copy of their state issued ID (driver’s license or Passport) as they submit their background screen. Please have a JPEG, TIF, GIF or PDF file available on your computer prior to submitting your background screen. Please keep file sizes under 1MB when uploading. An ID verification is requested if there is missing/different data regarding your name or date of birth entered by you at the time of registration compared to information NCSI obtains from our data providers. It is imperative that a full legal name (as stated on a valid state/government issued ID) and correct date of birth are used during the screening process. Your ID will help NCSI confirm that information has been submitted correctly and searches are conducted accurately.

NCSI will contact you directly if there are any questions, problems or issues related to your specific information. An email address is required when completing the background check as our contact with you will largely be electronic. Please be sure to add ncsisafe.com to your list of acceptable domains in your email program to receive notifications from us.

If you have any questions or problems submitting your information, please email applicantservices@ncsisafe.com or call the NCSI at (440) 542-9833 or toll free (866) 833-7100.

Once you have submitted your information you will receive a confirmation page with a 16-digit Applicant ID Number. The background check generally takes 10 business days to complete and you may check your status on our website under the "Check Your Background Screening Status" link at www.ncsisafe.com.

Thank you for your cooperation in this important process.