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Our Story

2Way Lacrosse is a company that specializes in world class lacrosse instruction. We seek to use the game of lacrosse to uplift and inspire young athletes to realize their full potential. We also believe in using our organization as a platform to give back.

Why we became 2Way Lacrosse. Our Story…

2Way Lacrosse was founded by current MLL standout David Earl and Westminster School coach Peter Newman in June of 2011. David began his lacrosse career at Westminster School, earning the title of captain his senior year. He went on to be a 1st Team All-American and captain of the Notre Dame Men's Lacrosse team and is now a top-ranked player in the MLL, playing for the NY Lizards. David and Peter formed 2Way Lacrosse based on their shared interests in teaching and advancing the game of lacrosse through "old school" methods and philosophy.

In an era of specialization, particularly at the midfield, Peter and David hope to revitalize the 2-way midfielder, as David has done so well in his career, teaching the necessary skills to improve play at both ends of the field. We strongly believe in our philosophy of lacrosse. Over the years, it has proven to be effective and successful, and "it is so old school, that it's new school." We are excited to offer a new program that we believe will truly help players become the best that they can be. We hope that you will join us at our lacrosse camps.

Check out David Earl's article: “For David Earl, Old School is New School”

2Way Philosophy

We founded 2Way Lacrosse in order to share our experience and excitement about this great American game and, hopefully, to enhance the teaching and learning environments beginning at the youth level. We summarize our goals as Commitment, Competition, and Character: we teach players how to get better with EVERY opportunity (Commitment), so that they may best help their TEAM win (Competition), while making selfless, TEAM decisions as good sportsmen do (Character). We coach up the positive, the “do”, not the “don’t”, and we will consistently encourage the fundamental, time-tested methods of playing lacrosse. Our players must learn to respect the game of lacrosse, playing it the way its founders intended, on both sides of the ball, 2 Ways.